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Cheapest Countries to Live In 2021

There are plenty of countries in the world which offer a very good quality of life at the cheapest cost. Many people want to relocate to other countries to live a happy life. In my list, there are some countries you can consider to live the cheapest life and most of the things you want by moving to a great destination.

Basic criteria are good health facility, security, affordable cost of living, location and normal weather, and developed infrastructure.


These are 5 Cheapest Countries to Live in


Vietnam is fascinating, vibrant, and rich in natural beauty. This Southeast Asian country is very cheap to live a comfortable life. Thousand US dollars is enough to live a happy life for a couple in the city. You can live a happy life at half the cost as compared to Western Europe and The USA. 


You can find better facilities like healthcare, recreation, transportation, and safety. There are plenty of opportunities to explore nature and the countryside. So, It is considered the best and cheapest destination to retire.



Bulgaria is a beautiful Eastern European country that is full of natural and historical sites. It ranks as the cheapest European country. This country is safe, welcoming, and getting popular for people around the world. It is the best country to live in within a low budget.

Bulgaria, Best Country to live

Anyone can enjoy a high quality of life within 1000 dollars per month. What is the fastest growing economy in Europe and people are really nice there. If you love enjoying foreign culture then it might be a great destination because culture and tradition here are mind-blowing and original as it was in past. 



China is a cheap and beautiful destination in Asia which is the fastest-growing country and economy. There are many things you can enjoy in this giant country. Few things are messed up due to the COVID-19 pandemic on China's reputation, but it's a really enjoyable country.



You can enjoy a happy life within $900 to $1200 in China. Basic infrastructures like health care, transportation, communication, and safety are considerably good in this country. People, food, culture, and stunning natural sights are amazing in China.



Argentina is a beautiful country in South America, which is the cheapest, safe, and a best place for expats and retired people. The main thing which makes Argentina on this list the cheapest country is affordable rent. Accommodation rental pricing is quite affordable in this country and health, transportation, communication, and other utilities are quite affordable as compared to neighbors.


A couple can enjoy a happy, comfortable life between 1000 to 1300 USD per month. You can consider this beautiful South American country on your bucket list without hesitation.



Romania is a beautiful European country that offers high quality of life at cheap prices. Health Care transportation communication and other Infrastructures are highly advanced like European standards. It is a very safe country and a member of the European Union. Romania is famous for great architecture, mouth-watering foods, nice people, and perfect pricing to live.



Any couple can enjoy a good quality of life within 1200 US dollars. If you are a citizen of the European Union then it is so much easy to move to Romania.


At last

There are plenty of other countries where you can move but keep in mind cheap pricing is only not a matter. We must consider various essential facilities, security, beautiful places for recreation, and cultural appropriation.

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