When will Corona Virus Pandemic End ? Is Covid lasting forever?

When will the COVID-19 pandemic end? It is a major question of everyone.


The first COVID-19 was reported on December 31 2019 in Wuhan China. Then it transmitted over the city. Symptoms of this infection were quite similar to Pneumonia, with a mild headache, high fever, and respiratory problems at a later stage. It flew out of China when Chinese workers were returning to many European countries after the Christmas holiday. Some EU countries like Italy, Spain, Germany, France, and others more started getting their hospital beds full due to various similar symptoms of COVID-19 alike in China.

World Health Organization (WHO) declared a pandemic on March-11 2020. It leads to the downfall world economy due to heavy health expenditure and lock-down over many countries.

Major questions of everyone.

How many years we have to face this pandemic?
Will it last forever?
Why vaccines do not seem to be effective for Corona Virus?
How Effective is wearing a mask?

And many more…

The viewpoint of Experts:

Some experts claim that it won’t completely disappear from our Earth, we can see a downfall in daily cases if we manage our lifestyle with proper caution and sanitation but chances are high to reappear in some person in meantime.

Juliet Morrison, assistant professor, Department of Microbiology and Plant Pathology of University of California Says

“Until there is herd immunity across the globe, the virus will be just a plane ride away”

It seems true in the current global scenario, as per her view it is not going to end. We have to develop immunity to fight this Virus. The transmission rate of this virus is too high. We can get infected unknowingly by various factors i.e. while travelling in Public vehicles, touching objects around us, and even through air contact.

No one can say the exact period of the pandemic. We have to resist it by following health protocols in personal and professional sectors.

 Is herd immunity possible to gain globally?

At first, what is herd immunity? Well, herd immunity is a major natural way to end this pandemic. At least once, all people should get infected. What?? Yes, it’s true. Covid is new to our body and our immune system doesn’t have an idea about genetic codes and ways of fighting this virus. For example,” At the first stage of human evolution, there were many viruses like, Rhino Virus, which causes the common cold. Earlier humans learned to fight this virus and now we all can resist. Or we can say, when it was discovered first, the common cold was also dangerous.

The only problem is resistance towards Coronavirus. All people can’t get herd immunity. It is considerably less harmful to youths and people with good immunity. Old and persons with weak immunity are highly impacted

On the other hand, herd immunity can be obtained by vaccination. Because vaccines are generally made by the genetics code of the COVID-19 virus. When our body gets the genetics code and RNA of the Virus we will automatically develop immunity against it. Our body is more powerful than any virus and bacteria but it takes time to gain it globally to end Corona Virus Pandemic.

Vaccination and Possibility through it.

Currently, there are many COVID-19 Vaccines available in the world. The major issue is that its effectiveness and chances of protecting against COVID after getting vaccinated. Some vaccines like The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are made using messenger RNA, which provides genetic information of Virus to our body to teach our body to fight with Spike protein of COVID-19. It is an advanced vaccine and is more than 90% effective in normal conditions.

Whereas, Johnson&Johnson have prepared different kinds of vaccine that instruct human cells to produce spike protein to fight with virus.

There are many more vaccines invented by different companies and countries.

People have reported many side effects of vaccine which is different in nature and most of these are normal.

Side effects:

Many side effects are reported by vaccinated people. Most of these are common like nausea, headache, back pain, and tiredness but some symptoms are abnormal. However, vaccination can help to know about the COVID-19 virus in our body. WHO recommends everyone to get vaccinated. We should consult with respective experts before planning to get a vaccination. Symptoms are different from person to person.

Why COVID-19 vaccines do not seem to be effective?

Not all Vaccines are seen to be effective because of the nature of the COVID-19 virus. Genetics of virus can adapt in very critical situations. It can regenerate itself in a new form after vaccination and lead to developing different variants. Recently, In United Kingdom, after vaccinating citizens, there was a new variant developed. The new variant was a little different from the China origin variant and the transmission rate was also considerably high. Brazil also faced the same problem.

Now in April-March 2021, India is highly impacted by a new deadly variant. More than four hundred thousand cases are reported in a single day.

However, many cases are unidentified due to the inaccessibility of equipment.

The situation is getting worse in southern Asia due to the new Indian variant COVID-19 virus in India, Nepal, Pakistan, and many other countries.

Mutation of Virus:

Exposure to external agents causes mutation. Major factors are time duration, Human genetics, and Immune response to the vaccine. The virus is changing its structure and immune response towards vaccines. Which can cause the birth of a new variant.

As per recent news, the newly mutated virus of the Indian variant is way more dangerous and highly spreading over the country.

Does wearing a mask protect us from getting Virus in?

Well, wearing a mask is a very good way of being safe from infection. Everyone recommend us to wear mask and stay safe.

How true is it?

So, here it is fact: You may have heard correct, wearing a mask can make you safe from getting COVID inside you. But there are some limitations, it depends upon How you wear? Quality of mask? And How often you change it?


How you wear?

Actually, better way of wearing mask is directly concern with it's maximum protection. Our face mask should cover the whole part of the nose and mouth. There shouldn’t be an open area surrounding it (air proof from outside). I’ve noticed, some people wearing masks below the nose. It doesn’t worth wearing and wasting money. Here is a better way of wearing a face mask in the picture below.

Proper way of wearing mask

What quality of the mask is recommended?

Wearing a mask can’t make you safe, the quality of the mask remains at the top. It isn't suggested to use a thin and single-layered mask. At least 3 layered masks are advised by WHO. Wearing a homemade mask is safe but we have to follow safety guidelines.

When to change your mask?

Reusing the same mask multiple times is riskier but there is a condition. We can wash it properly after using it once. Don’t use it more than once if you have a more social life. Yes, some people can’t buy a new mask regularly. In case of reusing the same mask, proper washing can make it safe to use.

These can make it clear about the proper way of wearing a mask. It is a very common matter but many people do these mistakes regularly.

COVID-19 in 2020 vs. 2021

COVID-19 was discovered in 2019 but it wasn’t reported outside of China for few weeks. Early 2020 was the biggest turning point for spread this pandemic around the world. It started to see in many European countries as well as the United Stated sooner. Many countries declared nationwide lock down and global crisis started to begin. During late 2021 global cases are declining down and many economies started rising. Flights were resumed in many countries and a major thing was vaccination was begun in some nations.

In 2021, India started mass vaccination over the country and people had started living their normal life. In April daily COVID-19 cases in India again started rising and became a new hotspot of Covid with deadly and infectious variants.

We cannot deny the fact, Covid isn’t going to wipe off for more years.

Compare to the Past

 In 1918 pandemic Spanish flu wiped off 25 Million people in 6 months. It was so contagious and the death rate was considerably high. At that time health system wasn’t strong enough as compared to the current time. It lasted nearly 2 years. Luckily, COVID-19 isn’t that fatal as compare to Spanish flu but Covid can easily transfer and mutate.

To Conclude:

There is not any exact figure to measure to find the end of COVID-19. The modern health system is doing its best to fight this pandemic. According to the World Health Organization fatality rate of COVID-19 is very low at 1.0% or 0.9%. Which Means the death rate is nearly 1 per 100 persons. Mostly affected group of this virus is:

  • Old aged peoples
  • Infants
  • The person with respiratory diseases i.e., Asthma, Pneumonia.
  • Diabetes Patients
  • Pregnant Women.
  • Heart patients.
  • And Persons with other chronic health issues.

Individual effort is the most important factor to control spreading rapidly. It is encouraged not to panic and follow safety protocol. There is a chance of getting infected with Covid even if you are vaccinated. Many people are reinfecting. Prioritize your safety sooner or later we will get victory over it.

At the End: COVID-19 could last many years or forever but our safety and herd immunity is the ultimate solution.

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