Largest Countries in the World by Land Area

Out of different countries in our 5 continents, some are pretty small countries whereas some are very large in size. In this article, we have listed the top 5 largest countries in the world by land area.


Russia is the largest country in the world with a large area of 17,098,242 square kilometers 11% of the world’s landmass. This country lies in both Asia and Europe. However, the population of this country is not that huge as its area.

Russia largest country in the world

There are 11 time zones in Russia, you can guess how large it is. Most of the people are living in the Metro area and this country is full of beautiful places, amazing people, and stunning architecture. Russia is also one of the powerful countries in the world and full of resources. 


Canada is the largest country in North America and the second-largest country in the world. The area of Canada is 9,984,670 square kilometers which are 6.1 % of the world’s landmass. Like Russia, the population of this country is very low.

second largest country canada

There are 6 time zones in Canada from west to east. This country has the world's longest highway and 20% of the world's freshwater. Canada is a beautiful country and one of the diverse and peaceful nations in the world. Like Russia, Canada also gets extreme cold and snowfall in most of the places.


China is the third-largest country in the world with a total land area of 9,706,961 square kilometers. According to worldometers, this country covers 6.3% of the world's landmass. China is ranked as the second richest country in the world and a country with the highest population. This beautiful Asian country is advanced in technology and innovation. This country is very suitable for agriculture. China has gained lots of positive developmental change within the last 20 years. Some study says China’s civilization is one of the oldest civilization in the world.

3rd largest country

Fact: Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken first language in the world.

United States

The United States is the fourth largest country in the world with a total land area of 9,372,610 square kilometers. This country covers 6.1 % of the world's total landmass. The USA is the richest and developed country in the world and is the dream country of most people. This country is advanced, powerful, and leads the world. Being the world's largest economy, America is also a home of large companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Tesla, Ford, Coca-Cola, and many more.

4th largest countries

American people enjoy a very high quality of life and a strong political system in the world. This large and rich country has many more to offer for people all over the world.


Brazil is the largest country in South America and the fifth-largest in the world. This country has a total land area of 8,515,764 square kilometers. It accounts for one-third of Latin America's population. This country covers 5.6% of the world's total landmass. Brazil is the richest country in biological diversity because of the Amazon rainforest. Brazil is the 9th largest economy in the world. However, 27 million people are living below the poverty line. 

fifth largest country in the world


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