7 Easy Ways to Earn Money Online | With/Without Investment | Reality and Suggestion

 Making Money online is not that easy for everyone especially if you don't have any technical qualifications or skills. Here we are going to discuss how to make money online without/little investment.

Keep in mind, most people and websites claim they can get your dollars for doing simple tasks but it might be fraud or pay very little.

I have pointed out some of the easiest ways to earn money online. 2nd last is my favourite one, check this out.


If you have done research about how to make money online you might have heard about freelancing. It is the most common and legit way of earning decent money. But the exception is, there is heavy competition in freelancing sectors nowadays especially after the COVID pandemic hit hard on the Jobs sector. If you can struggle at the beginning phase of freelancing and build your portfolio attractive and legit. You will definitely get lots of opportunities in the freelancing industry.

Don't expect to get hundreds of jobs while you get into the freelancing program. If you have some special skills then you can get benefits for the long term. There are opportunities for everyone who has technical skills like software development or people with no such skill but can do simple copy-writing and data entry jobs.

Earn money online by Freelancing

Here are some freelancing opportunities to earn money online that you can take according to your skill and passion. 

  • Software Development

  • Web Development

  • Software Tester

  • Transcriber

  • Graphics Designing

  • Copywriting

  • Content Writing

  • Video Editing and Animation

Here are some most popular freelancing websites where you can start your freelancing journey now.

Upwork (Highly Competitive)

Fiverr (Highly Competitive)



People Per Hour




Micro Jobs

Micro jobs are another great opportunity to earn online by doing simple jobs but keep in mind they don't pay you a big amount of money. Anyway, you can experience and make small money by doing very simple jobs. It is recommended for beginners, students, and non-professional who want to make some money to explore online earning potential.

Micro Jobs to earn money online

I have listed some genuine websites where you can start by creating a good profile.


Amazon Mturk





Blogging is another popular way of earning money with full freedom on your own. If you can write really well which can get the attention of viewers then there is great potential in this sector. Some people are earning thousands of dollars by monetizing their blogs with Ad Networks like Google Adsense.

Best create simple websites by getting your domain name according to Niche (Blog Topic) host your domain name into good hosting. If you can't manage additional money for buying hosting just start with Blogger by Google which is a free Hosting and Content management program.

Write on the topic with which you are familiar. If you love Gadgets then start with gadgets and tech blogging which is definitely going to hit millions of page views after some time. 

Blogging to earn online

Here are some of my personal tips for starting a new blog from scratch to end.

  • Start a Blog on a topic of your interest.

  • Don't Rush "Focus on Quality of your Content"

  • Learn about Search Engine Optimization.

  • Start Creating Backlinks on other sites.

  • Promote your post on Social Media Networks.

  • Focus on Keyword Research.

There are hundreds of people writing about the same topics but you have to analyse your competitors and write better than them. It takes time to grow your website but I am sure if you write well and don't give up,  you have the potential to earn thousands of dollars online without depending upon others.

YouTube Videos

Everybody watches YouTube nowadays and you might have some favourite YouTube creators. If they can create videos and earn thousands of dollars online then you can definitely do it. YouTube is a great opportunity for your talents and skills. Find the topic that you are confident to present. Create videos with proper editing then you can get good views. Not everyone is successful who is uploading videos on YouTube. Your content must be useful for your viewers. Sometimes it might take months to years to get your videos ranked. If you can't wait and improve your quality then YouTube might not be a good way of earning for you.

Here are some tips to start your YouTube Channel and Grow it properly.

  • Find Creative YouTube Brand Name

  • Create Videos with Full Confidence

  • Improve your Video Editing Skills

  • Regular Upload

  • Keyword Research For YouTube

  • Be Active on Social Media

  • Analyse your Competitors

  • Don't Give Up


The gaming industry has very high potential these days. If you have some special skills in gaming then you must stream your gameplay on these popular gaming platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch. I have found some good players are earning thousands of dollars while streaming a few hours a day. It also requires lots of hard work and patience. 

Online game streaming

Someone with a really good gameplay is definitely going to get popular and they have the potential to earn lots of money by Ad networks and online sponsorship.

Online Seller

This is my personal favourite way of earning online. If you know someone who wants to sell their products whether it's a new or second-hand product, post them into various online selling platforms according to your region. My personal favourite is Facebook Marketplace

I have sold more than 12 used laptops and five phones while doing my full-time 9-6 job. I have earned 30000 Nepali rupees or roughly 251 USD within 2 months despite having very little time for it. So this is a good way of earning in a very short period of time.

online buying and selling to make money

You can sell used electronics accessories, land and houses, automobiles, and many more products online. If you can do it in a little tricky way where you have a large potential of earning for your regular pocket expenses.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the most popular way of earning money online and anyone will suggest you do this. You have a chance to sell some products through various social media and sites. People with decent social media followers, well-established websites, and large audience groups can earn thousands of dollars by selling products of other brands. You will get a commission on each sold product through your referral.

online earning by Affiliate marketing

Similarly, it is possible to start Affiliate Marketing without a large audience of your own. You can start product reviewing blogs, articles, and videos where you can link back to your affiliate product, and anyone who goes with that link and makes a purchase you will earn some money as an affiliate commission. It definitely requires lots of hard work and patience during the beginning time.


You are here and on this page to find how to earn money online. In the end, I suggest you learn some skills like graphics designing, video editing, web designing, content writing translation, and transcription. So, your skill will help to improve yourself doing your work and open hundreds of online opportunities to generate enough money for you. From the listed options above you can pick anyone which you find easy and interesting to do. To learn these things you have great platforms like YouTube and Khan Academy.  Just be confident and consistent. You will not become successful overnight because of the huge competition in it.


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